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Product Review: Raspberry Rhassoul Deep Condish and First Giveaway!

It’s that time of year again. Winter is here. And that means we have to take those little extra steps to protect our manes from the harsh blustery cold and dry weather. In years past, I have posted my favorite creams and butters  that help to maintain moisture in the winter months. While those faves still hold true…I have fallen in love with something new.

Anita Grant’s Raspberry Rhassoul Deep Condish! 

I have never met a deep conditioner that truly knocked my socks off (Aussie’s 3 Minute Miracle Deeeeep Conditioner is the closest thing to it), that is until now. Rhassoul Deep Condish is a clay based treatment that comes in the form of 30 gram cubes (3 in a package).

UK based Anita Grant started cultivating her environmentally-conscious line out of her kitchen in 2005 and has since gained a worldwide curly hair cult following. I must say , after trying the chocalatey Rhassoul, I am itching to find out what the rest of her line has to offer.

From the Anita Grant website:
Suitable for those with thick, parched naturally curly hair, locs, natural Afro hair and dry scalp.
Our Raspberry Rhassoul Deep Condish is an intense hydrating treatment that restores the moisture balance of extremely dry natural hair. It seals the cuticles, imparts sheen, improves manageability and elasticity. Red Raspberry is a brilliant hair tonic that is rich in vitamin c, iron, calcium chloride, magnesium, manganese and potassium. After one application you *may* notice:   
• Improvement in natural texture, strength and appearance of your hair.
• Increased sheen and curl definition.
• Improved manageability, softness and slip.
Ingredients:  *Organic Rhassoul Clay (Hectorite/Moroccan Lava Clay), *Organic Unrefined Cocoa Butter (Theobroma Cacao), *Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Olea Europaea), *Pure Organic Cocoa Powder (Theobroma Cacao), *Organic Unrefined Murumuru Butter (Astrocaryum Murumuru), Raspberry Powder (Rubus Idaeus Fruit), MSM (Methyl Sulfonyl Methane/Methyl Sulphonyl Methane), *Organic Chilean Honey (Miel), Vitamin E (D-Alpha, D-Beta, D-Gamma & D-Delta Tocopherols) and LOVE!

Let’s get to the action…

Following the directions, I mixed one cube with hot water until it formed a chocolate milk like consistency. 

Immediately after I started applying the condish to my hair, I noticed that this was not going to be enough. So I went ahead and prepared another cube. I baggied my coated hair and let it stay for about 1 hour. (The package says 45 minutes for an extra deep condition…so I figured another 15 minutes couldn’t hurt). 

 When it was time, I hopped in the shower and rinsed the Rhassoul from my head. And I mean I rinsed it WELL. I have experimented with clays in the past and I know that this stuff can linger on your scalp and hair if not rinsed properly. And trust me…that is not a good look. When I stepped out of the shower, the first thing I noticed in the mirror was the shine. WOW! My curls were practically smiling at me.

And of course, the camera could not capture the essence of the shine.

Detangling was a breeze and afterwards I threw about 10 quick bantu knots in my hair. The result the next day was super soft, moisturized, defined loosely waved curls.

Sorry about the awful pic quality. A little person who shall not be named destroyed my Nikon so I am mostly working with my phone’s camera. =(

What I love about Anita Grant Raspberry Rhassoul Deep Condish …

The ingredients are rich and pure with ingredients like organic unrefined cocoa butter and fair trade honey.  “90% of the total ingredients are from organic farming and 100% of the total ingredients are from a natural origin”.

It delivers everything that it promises! For me that meant smooth soft shiny and lustrous curls. 

It made my hair extremely easy to detangle.

My hair stayed moisturized for days. This is something that NEVER happens for me.

The smell was delicious! Next time I'll try the banana version. =) 

What I didn’t like about Anita Grant Raspberry Rhassoul Deep Condish ….
-          Although I absolutely fell in love with the clay, I will say that

If you have hair that is shoulder length or longer and/or extremely thick, you probably need two (or more) cubes. This was somewhat disappointing to me because it left me with one stinkin cube. You almost have to buy two packs of 3 to make an even distribution.

At first thought, the price seemed right at about $14 dollars, but considering the fact that you get only 1-1/2 uses out of a package, this is actually pretty costly. But it’s still worth it for a special treat every once in a while.

You’ll have to track this baby down. It’s made in the UK and available on the Anita Grant website. This means higher shipping costs and a possibly lengthy wait. There are only a couple of online companies in the US that sell it. I got mine from Kinks Coil & Curls, a local online beauty mart.

Not as easy as squeezing a DC out of a bottle…but for me, the mixing is a part of the special experience =)

You have to be careful about rinsing this out well. It can leave residue on your scalp that can appear dandruff-like. An apple cider vinegar rinse could help with that.

Overall, this deep conditioning treatment is wondrous!  But with the little amount that you get for the price, it may be best to save it for once in a while or special occasions.

And as promised… I have a special treat for one lucky reader!! Drumroll please…

My first giveaway!!!
Enter to win Anita Grant Raspberry Rhassoul Deep Condish!!
How to Enter:
  •            Click the “Show N Tell” link at the top of the  page and leave a note saying that you want the Rhassoul Deep Condish. Be sure to leave your email address so that I can contact you if you win.
  •            Then leave a comment on this post saying that you showed and told. Make sure the names match on both the “Show N Tell” and the post comment.

The contest ends December 28, 2012 at midnight, central time.
One reader will be chosen randomly on December 29th!  
The contest is open to US residents ages 18 and older.

Happy Holidays! And Good Luck.


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