Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Finding the Time: My hair maintenance calendar!

My post “ Hi and Bye 2012!! What I’ve Learned About My Hair” is a true testimony to the fact that natural hair does not automatically equal healthy hair. I would venture to say that naturals have even more work on their hands than our relaxed comrades. But as with anything on Earth, hard work comes with great reward. When your hair is showered with tender loving care, the reward of lush and behaving tresses make the blood, sweat, and tears well worth it.

I, like many women, have a truly demanding schedule. With my career, a husband, and two little girls (with two thick, long heads of hair that must be constantly maintained as well), it’s difficult to keep up with my own pampering. Before I know it, weeks and months have gone by without a trim, a deeeeeep conditioning session, or a clarifying wash.

So how does a busy woman keep up with these important routines????? A calendar of course!!!! 

I created this personalized calendar to remind myself of when it’s time for action. It will be on full display on my fridge and eventually I’ll get it into my Google calendar.  I’ll be doing my darndest to stick to my schedule consisting of trims every 8 weeks, protein treatments about every 5 or 6 weeks, clarifying washes, and protective styling. And while protective styling will be a mainstay in my new routine, my funky fresh and free hairstyles will still be in full effect on Saturdays. Yes ma’am!!

Are you in need of a hair calendar?? Download my calendar (goes through March 2013) here. Tip: Save as a docx file to customize it!

Ooop… looks like I’m due for a co-wash tonight! =) Gotta go!


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