Thursday, June 16, 2011

11 Salon Secrets Your Waxer Doesn't Want You to Know

I have been waxed you know where twice. Once for my honeymoon and once years later when I purchased a groupon for a deal that couldn't be passed up. Both times I left asking myself what type of self-hatred issues I must have to put myself through such medieval torture. But after the traumatics have worn off, I've been pleased with the results. It's long lasting, clean cut, and sessy ;-)

Aileen over at makeup and beauty blog, Shades of U (and creator of Sonoran, a beautiful new dark coral lipglass for the MAC Bloggers Obsession collection), posted an article from featuring some interesting facts about waxing.

#3 regarding cleanliness (or lack thereof) totally makes me want to puke!
#9 about being overly dramatic about the pain makes me wonder if maybe I haven't met the right waxer yet. Because that crap hurts!!! Right up there with childbirth lol! And I have a high tolerance for pain. I don't scream or anything but there has definitely been some flinching, wincing, and a few tears escaping from my eyeballs.
And #12 definitely caught me by surprise. For me, double-dipping is a definite yuck! And most of the commenters agree. Hmmm...

Check out the article... 
Get the behind-the-scene secrets for everything you need to know about getting waxed
11 Salon Secrets Your Waxer Doesn't Want You to Know
Ever wonder what's going through your waxer's mind while you're spread eagle on their table? You could ask, but that whole hot-wax-in-your-private-area thing can be a little preoccupying, which is why we tracked down waxing pros and asked them the awkward questions for you. You're welcome.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Adventures in Bentonite Clay!!

I have blogged a couple of times about the importance of clarifying your hair, natural or relaxed. Clarifying is super important for maintaining a healthy scalp and stripping the hair of excess product residue that can cause your hair to look dull and feel stiff. Sometimes I forget this very important step in my haircare routine for a couple of months and I end up wondering why my hair looks soooo blah.

Usually I use cheapo Suave clarifying shampoo and sometimes a few drops of Dr. Bronners Tea Tree Castille Soap followed by a moisturizing shampoo. However, regular clarifying shampoos can end up being extremely harsh on the hair, even when moisturizing products are applied afterwards. Natural clarifyers such as bentonite clay, apple cider vinegar, and baking soda are a gentler option. And being the willing guinea pig that I am, I have embarked on an exploration starting with bentonite clay for your viewing pleasure :-)