Friday, March 18, 2011

4 weeks 4 techniques - Week #1 Braid-out on straight hair

Hello all! It's been a minute and I have lots to share...about my hair!!
I have hit many blahhhh stages in my 4 years of being natural. This is due mostly to my sheer laziness and my preference for an extremely low-maintenance routine. Hey...that's just me!

But with new lengths to my hair, new-found hair blogs (shouts out to curly nikki and moptop maven), and friends who are newly natural... let's just say that my interest in my hair has been renewed!!

I ended 2010 with an obsession with all things henna. That was pretty cool, but nothing I could do on a regular basis. Like I said...I'm low maintenance. 

Then I wondered...why haven't I played around with technique?? Sure I love my spirally coils just as they come out of my head, but why not try something different? My hair is about bra-strap length now. But with my usual wash n go's, it shrinks right back up above my shoulders...sometimes more depending on the products I'm using. I have never had a problem with that shrinkage but I'm getting to the point where I'd like to show some of that length :) 
Shrinkage Deluxe