Monday, September 12, 2011

30 Day Style Icon Challenge: Day 3 - Michelle Obama

Boy is it a busy time in politics right now. Our nation's chief, President Barack Obama attended the World Trade Center memorial yesterday for the 10th anniversary of the catastrophe that occurred on September 11, 2001. And today he is pushing out his $447 billion jobs bill to Congress. And let’s not forget that we are officially in campaigning days. In light of this political frenzy, I thought I would dedicate today's post for the 30 Day Style Icon Challenge to the woman who stays on the grind just as much as her husband. The woman behind next to the man, First Lady Michelle Obama.

Michelle Obama

Staff or no staff, team or no team, entourage or none, clearly Michelle Obama is a woman who was born with style and grace. She is the epitome of refinement, sophistication, and elegance without being a big ol yawn. She is the first First Lady since Jackie O  who effortlessly presents a polished look mixed with the right amount of sex appeal courtesy of figure flattering cuts and ever so slight baring of shapely shoulders, arms, or legs. What??? Yes, the First Lady is a sexy mother... (that's it, she's just a sexy mother guys).

See for yourself...

And please don't mistake her for some frivolous diva. Sensibility is key in Mrs. Obama's day to day fashion. She's been known to thoughtfully re-purpose outfits and shop at affordable stores like Talbots and Target.

Stunning in McQueen

And casual with the hubby...aww

Gosh I love our President and First Lady!

Bonus: Because our President isn't slacking in the style department himself ;-)

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