Friday, October 7, 2011

30 Day Style Icon Challenge: Day 4–Zoe Kravitz

(and the whole dang Kravitz/Bonet/Momoa Family)

Growing up as the child of two aesthetically eccentric artists has got to reflect in your own personal style. Zoe Kravitz truly embodies that freedom of expression that her actress mom, Lisa Bonet, and rock star dad, Lenny Kravitz are known for.


Zoe Kravitz

Zoe is the spitting image of her mom with similar funky hippie style, yet she makes seemingly more approachable and fun choices (like her dad). In her teens, she became popular as the paps would catch her on the street rocking her “dirty boho grunge” also lovingly called by press, “dumpster chic”. She was even quoted as saying “my look is I don’t give a f@@k.” But the camera loved her. She was so strikingly gorgeous and confident that the look worked for her.  Zoe embodies the idea that fashion shouldn’t be pretentious or based on some standard of what’s hot. It should truly be a personal expression.

Check out some candid shots of her a few years back:


Since making her debut on the big screen, her style has evolved into a more glamorous starlet with an edge of course.

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Clearly, Zoe has developed beautifully into her own personal style.

Speaking of sophistication, I love the more sophisticated laid back yet edgy look her dad Lenny is rocking these days.


But in his hey day Lenny was definitely unafraid to take it there fashion-wise.


Whoa Lenny! So glad you pulled it back a little in your older age. Lol

By the way, I love the father-daughter bond between these two! Awww!


And mom, our beloved Denise Huxtable, has long been known for her funky expression of personal style…


Shout out to Denise Farquar, lol. Loved that look when I was little!

And most recently:


Obviously mom and daughter have an awesome relationship as well. Sweet!!

And if Lisa’s almost 45 year old swag wasn’t already off the Richter, she married this gorgeous hunk of man…


…actor/model Jason Momoa, who could do no wrong style-wise in my humble opinion clip_image041

And look…they all get along


One big happy stylish smoking hot family!

Love them!

Until we meet again,