Saturday, September 3, 2011

30 Day Style Icon Challenge: Day 2 - Erykah Badu


So apparently this 30 Day Challenge is going to take me the rest of the year to complete. Embarrassed smileBut moving right along…

If I had my way, I would change my look everyday according to my mood. I wouldn’t be afraid to have fun with fashion and not take myself so seriously. My wardrobe, makeup, and hair would be the paint, and I ,the canvas. My style would be an endless array of creative expression. And whoever didn’t like it could kick major rocks. The next style icon on my list  certainly embodies that …

Erykah Badu

I’m not ashamed to admit my serious girl crush on Erykah. She just oozes confidence and errr um what’s the word?…ugh…Swag. She is a true chameleon who always keeps her fans guessing about what she’s going to pull off next. Afro, locs, braids, blonde, disco, boho, sporty, sexy, freaky. She remains undefined by set standards of beauty, though she is definitely no stranger to gorgeousness.

When Erykah arrived on the scene in 1997, this was  her signature look …

Nobody on the scene was doing it like this. Erykah’s trademark sky high head wrap and eccentric attire was the billboard through which people came to recognize the supreme talent that is Badu.

When Erykah revealed that this was what she was toting under there…


…and that they were indeed extensions and not her own, boy were people up in arms with many things to say about her “realness”. Soon she let it be known that she was not the type to be pigeonholed…

Erykah Badu-25


This girl is so dope, she has even been credited with turning this…








Into This--->










  into this --->


LMAO!! Luckily these fine specimens were able to recover from Badu’s freakquencies and tone it down a bit to preserve their sexy. Thumbs up

Check out some of my favorite Erykah looks:

Preppy meets A Clockwork Orange Perhaps?

Erykah,bold and fearless at 2010 Lollapalooza in blonde mohawk

and sweet little floral dress.

“Earwings” are from her own jewelry line, Funktional ArtErykah-Badu_11-500x360











Erykah effortlessly transforms from b-girl…

…to glamorous vixen.

Fashion Designer Tom Ford chose Erykah to be the face of his fragrance,                    

White Patchouli back in 2008 and she WERKED it out

Erykah is even more fabulous…after the break!