Friday, November 12, 2010

My Fave Conditioner...For Now

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I'm like a finicky dater with my conditioners. Last month, I was all about Nature's Gate Hemp conditioner. I see the month of November is gonna be allllll about Herbal Essence's Long Term Relationship. HE Hello Hydration was my lover for about 3 months or so and I loved it. But soon I began to get bored. It wasn't Hello was me. I ran in the total opposite direction even though I heard great things about Long Term Relationship. (wow what a coincidence with that name, eh? lol)
I used and abused my Nature's Gate, emptying the bottle that I happened upon at Whole Foods. One day I was strolling Target as usual and my eye caught this familiar looking bottle. That very first night, I wined and dined the curvy red bottle and prepared to co-wash my kinky curls with it for the very first time. And OH BOY!!! This stuff is rocking my world right now!!!
My hair combed through with minimal effort. It's super soft, defined, and even sorta stretchy!!
I think I'm in love!!

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Save That Broken Makeup!!

Have you ever picked out that gorgeous shade of eyeshadow in the store, skipped out of said store, and rushed home to play with it only to find it has crumbled into a million little pieces? I HATE THAT and I refuse to throw my hard earned money down the drain.

I went to one of my fave stores on the planet, Michael's Arts and Crafts, and found this nifty stackable storage set. It contains about 30 perfect sized screw top containers intended for storing beads. Absolutely fabulous for salvaging your cracked and broken eyeshadows, blushes, loose pigments, etc. and very easy to transport.  I love it!!!

November Issue of Women's Health - Beauty 2.0

Lauren Conrad on 'Women's Health' November 2010.
Photo: Courtesy of Women's Health
So I finally got to sit down with my November issue of Women's Health. I LOVE this magazine. It's not your typical annoying women's magazine that bombards you with 69 tricks that will help you keep your man. And even though it's a fitness magazine, it is still totally relatable to women like me who haven't quite perfected the art of getting in shape and staying there. It's filled with useful beauty, style, health, money, and life tips. This magazine rocks!

Beauty 2.0 - Photo: Courtesy of Women's Health

My favorite article this month, Beauty 2.0, features high-tech innovations in the beauty industry that boasts the ability to make your life easier in one swoop.