Monday, December 27, 2010

Denman Large Paddle Brush Review

Denman Large Paddle Brush #83
 So six days ago I was reading this post over at Curly Nikki about the Denman Paddle Brush #83. Enter my usual intrigue. I have been intrigued like this before of course. It happened with Denmans original brush loved by the natural hair community, the D3, now affectionately referred to by some as "the shredder." I remember running out to purchase the D3 from Sally's when I first heard about it. People raved about it on and other blogs and forums. When I layed my eyes on it, even with the $9 price tag (this was the most I had spent on a comb/brush thus far), I didn't blink before throwing it in my cart. I even made my sister buy one too! When I got it home and tried it on my hair, I thought I loved it. Thought! I started noticing how much hair was left in my brush after detangling in the shower (even when I packed loads of conditioner in it while detangling). And this was not as easy a process as I thought it would be. But I had no experience with anything else. Sure enough, several weeks later others were complaining online.

Denman D3 aka "The Shredder" 

Needless to say, I was skeptical about purchasing the #83. But as always, I ended up giving it a try. 2 days later I had it in my hands (purchased from Folica for $11.99, currently 25% off).
Denman Large Paddle Brush #83

I have tried this brush on wet hair with conditioner applied. Love it! I have tried this brush on dry hair lightly moisturized with a butter or cream. Love it!! And for me, detangling dry hair is taboo. But this brush makes that a thing of the past. I wouldn't say it eliminates pain from the process. But it does cut my detangling time down by more than half. It doesn't snap my hair when it can't easily get through. No snarls, no snags, no breakage (so far)!! I can see myself using this for the occasional blow dry or before setting with twists, braids, or my curlformers. This is a win! If I change my mind in a month, I'll let you know :-)