Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Tangle Teezer Review!

I have waited more than 2 months to review the Tangle Teezer as I am somewhat quick to support a product which I have initially fallen in love with in only one use (i.e. Denman brushes, Jilbere comb). At this point, I can definitely say I like this item. There are a few things that I hope the distributors of the Tangle Teezer improve upon. But overall, I'm happy with my purchase. 

 Like with many new items that enter the market, I'm a little slow to jump on the bandwagon. This was especially true with the Tangle Teezer. I had just paid a nice little penny to purchase my Denman paddle brush online and I had become very fond of it (see my review on the Denman here). Furthermore, I wondered how a 47 year-old British man could know anything about detangling my kinks. 

But the whispers about how great this "miracle brush" was became roars online. I was intrigued, but still remained faithful to the Denman, which I actually still love. After my good friend and hair buddy tried it and loved it, I figured what the hay...there's nothing wrong with having more than one awesome tool in your arsenal...*product junkies nod in agreement*

When I first scoped out Sally's for the Teezer, it was nowhere to be found. I mean, the demand for this thing was outrageous. I waited a couple of weeks and finally Sally's had received a new shipment. 

The design of this brush/comb/detangler thingy, is like nothing I've ever seen. It has an ergonomic design which fits the palm of your hand and short plastic super flexible bristles (designed to smooth the follicles without damaging them while creating shine and vibrancy)  which I doubted would be able to get through my thick kinks and coils. 

I tried the Teezer for the first time during my usual shower detangling session. After a wash, I loaded my hair with conditioner and began to brush through firmly, section by section. Now when I said the Denman was pain-free, what I meant to say was virtually. LOL! I mean what I'm saying right now when I say the Tangle Teezer was PAIN-FREE. So pain-free, that I was convinced that this thing wasn't detangling crap! After I finished brushing through my whole head, I noticed that my hair looked detangled and my coils were forming nicely. But I still wasn't convinced. So I grabbed my Denman and went over my work. Sure enough, I was able to brush right through with no snarls or snags. IMPRESSIVE!! 

For an even greater test, I tried the Tangle Teezer in my dry hair. This is something I almost never do for fear of breakage. It was awesome!!! I couldn't go through very large sections of hair due to the thickness of my mane. However, that remains the same for all detangling tools in my toolbox. The Tangle Teezer was truly amazing. 

What I like about the Tangle Teezer:

  • No snags, no pain, and the hair was tangle-free from roots to ends and I have not lost any teeth like I have with the Denman
  • Probably the ONLY tool that I will use on my dry hair because it does not break my hair
  • Great for many hair types.WONDERFUL on my children's hair. Both have extremely thick, long, coarse hair. This makes styling a breeze
  • Almost as good as a boar bristle brush for smoothing my hair into a ponytail, bun, updo, etc.
  • Easy to clean. Layer of shed hair comes off easy and short bristles allow for easy cleaning with a bristled brush.
What I did not like about the Tangle Teezer:
  • Although the TT is great at distributing conditioner, I preferred to use it on dry or damp hair simply because it is hard to use in the shower due to the handle-less design. Hopefully, they will create versions that have a handle or even a strap that can allow for a better grip. I will continue to use my Denman in the shower until they have done so
  • I have found on most Tangle Teezer sponsored websites, as well as its own, that it is not advisable to use the TT with a blow dryer. There are folks on a few blogs and forums that have done so anyway, such as this one. Because I don't blow dry often, the lack of a handle on the TT, and its seemingly meltable material, I have avoided blow drying my hair with it. The lack of versatility in this area is a downside for me
  • And...they came out with a pink and purple one right after I bought mine :-(

How cute is that?!



  1. I had just read about this and then I saw your review so I visited my local Sally's where I bought it in purple. I too was looking at the man on the side and thinking "Really?" However, I REALLY love the way this feels on my hair. Feels good on the scalp and this good new growth I have going at the top of my head. I completely agree about the non-existant handle. I dropped it a bunch of times in the shower. Other than that, I really like this. I have yet to purchase the Denman (sp?)

  2. Yeah the Denman is great for blow drying and the shower IMO. Other than that I love the Teezer. Thanks for commenting!! And I'm so jealous you have purple lol

  3. Yeah, so I'm definitely going to get one of these IMMEDIATELY!!!! You have me over here wanting to wash my hair JUST to try the joint out, LOL!!!

  4. Go get one girl! I'm actually loving it a little more everyday. It does EVERYTHING for defining my curls.