Monday, May 23, 2011

Hair Inspiration for When I'm Feeling Blah

Everybody has those hair ruts. Whether you are relaxed, natural, transitioning, straight, kinky, curly or otherwise, sometimes you just look in the mirror and wish that you could blink and change the look you usually love so much. Recently with the added growth of my hair, I've been in a blah stage. My old hairstyles don't work quite the same and it's forcing me to be creative. Ugh! I have wanted to pick up the scissors on many occasions but I just stick it out and look for inspiration. 

The celebrities below help me do just that!  They have lengths, textures, patterns, and thickness similar to my own. The heads of hair on these chicks give me a renewed sense of love for my own. Hopefully, they can inspire you through your shaky days too! 

ESPERANZA SPAULDING, singer and jazz bassist  

YAYA DACOSTA, model, actress, and America's Next Top Model Alum

 BRE SCULLARK, model and America's Next Top Model Alum


CORINNE BAILEY RAE, singer, song-writer, and guitarist

and last but certainly not least...

 T'KEYAH CRYSTAL KEYMAH, actress, writer, director, producer, and MY AUNT =)

There are soooo many other beautiful natural-haired inspirations out there. But for now, these ladies just do it for me!! They remind me that all textures are beautiful (even if you have many in your mane) and everyday is a good hair day!



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