Monday, January 16, 2012

I’m Back!!! With visions for self-improvement in 2012 and favorite things I’m bringing with me!

Happy MLK Day everybody! Oh yeah and Happppy New Year!! Wait…Merry Christmas and Happy Thanksgiving too. Yeah…that’s how long it’s been. Blame life. (work, kids, stuff, and pinterest) I must apologize to my people out there who took the time to follow my lil ol blog. I promise to do better in 2012… I promise!


I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty excited about this year and it’s been pretty interesting so far. I’m looking forward to new beginnings, renewed purpose, and turning 30!!! Something about turning 30 makes you zoom in to  your own individuality and what’s most important and necessary involving relationships and family, career goals and paths, and even how you look. And since this is a blog focused on personal style, I’m sharing the deets on my new outlook on fashion, hair health, and beauty as well as some new allies that will be joining my arsenal in 2012. My mantra for 2012: Focus on outwardly reflecting the optimism that I’m feeling on the inside.


Let’s get right into it…

 [ Not only am I working on the most obvious resolution, getting my body in shape, but I’m also beginning to realize the importance of creating a more positive mental image of the body I’m working with right now. And that positive body image needs to reflect in my wardrobe…Instead of feeling that “my body makes certain clothes look bad”, I’m choosing to focus on certain clothes that make my body look BADDDD (bad meaning good not bad meaning bad).



This black sweater knit cotton skirt from the Sophia Vergara line at KMart is everything to me and probably my favorite clothing purchase of 2011! And from Kmart of all places! Not that I’m a snob about where I buy my clothes…I’m just more of a Targét girl Be right back

sv skirt

Sophia Vergara for KMart

The details make all the difference between this skirt and a regular ol mini. The ruching is very flattering on my curves and forgiving of any lumps and bumps. It can be worn high on the waist (which is how I prefer it because it adds length to my short legs, balancing out my longer torso) or stretched and worn low on the hips to create a near knee length pencil skirt look. It can be dressed down or up, worn with boots, pumps, or flats, and layered over tights or under blazers, tunics, or sweaters. I love to pair this with a billowy flowing top to balance wide hips and hide not so shapely arms. Absolutely perfect addition to the collection! And the price was oh so right. Can you say clearance for $12?!

Here’s me rocking the skirt on NYE…


This skirt seems to be in limited availability and is clearancing out but for some alternatives check out…


Free People black ruched mesh mini      Rachel Pally Cinched Front Mini          Asos Club L Ruched Skirt
Sale $47.19                                                  $165                                                    Sale $35.81

Honorable Mention: Platform Pumps!!! I’m sooo not a “heels girl”…as a matter of fact I’m not really a big “shoe girl” (I know I should be stoned). But I realize the magic that they can create for an outfit, my posture, and height. Platform pumps can perform miracles with the illusion of extra heel height supported by the platform. Finding the right ones can still require a lot of searching but these babies have definitely come through for me in the clutch and will be rocked in 2012!

 [ Next and just as important…I’m focusing on giving my hair the attention it craves. Not too long before the new year I did some major chopping starting about here…

DSCN1869 (1)

To This…


About a good five inches. Not tooooo drastic.  But I hate when I have to chop my hair due to negligence. Yes negligence. Stemming from detangling too infrequently, too many wash n go’s, and not protecting at night. I have recently realized just how fine in texture my hair is. This means that my strands are relatively weak and delicate and MUST be pampered in order to prevent breakage.



Kinky Curly Knot Today!!!! I know, I know…I’m late to this party. It has been a fave amongst natural/kinky/curly ladies since it’s creation years ago. But I love to resist the norm… *shrug*, especially at a borderline high price tag ($12 at Target). For those of you who are like me, let me tell you…this stuff is the BEES KNEES!!! Meaning awesome and definitely worth the cost. Used as a detangler, it simply melts knots and tangles. It’s a dream on my hair as well as my two daughters. And we all have different textures. Life is so much easier since torturing hair combing sessions have been reduced by at least half the time. Used as a leave-in, it defines and shines my curls and leaves them moisturized but not greasy at all. I will definitely be using this to keep my hair detangled more frequently which will reduce unnecessary shedding and breakage. KEEPER!!

Honorable Mention: OLD SCHOOL HAIR GREASE. Yes, petroleum…mineral oil…parabens and all. Old school grease (think Blue Magic, Magic GRO, Indian Hemp) has made a comeback. Surprise Surprise…women are fickle. Warning! While some use this a sealant over oils, I only use it for braid and twist-outs (nothing I’ve seen creates shinier deeper sets). I also wouldn’t recommend putting this on your scalp because of the pore-clogging tendencies of some of the ingredients. Finally, a nice clarifying wash should follow to prevent dullness, dryness over time, and hair that is attractive to lint.

Click on for more…

[ This year, I’m vowing to wear makeup that will only highlight what I’m working with naturally. Over the past couple of years I have experimented with tinted moisturizers and then finally full blown foundation. Recently, I have discovered that NEWSFLASH!…I don’t even need all that. I’ve noticed in pictures my face leaning towards that thing I hate the most…CAKINESS! NEVER a good look… Especially considering that I’ve been blessed with pretty good skin. Never had an acne problem and relatively even toned. My main concerns are hereditary darkness under my eyes and winter dullness.


MAC Studio Finish SPF 35 Concealer in NC50

MAC makes one of my favorite concealers for women of color and the added SPF makes this a unique staple. A few light dabs of concealer to spot check the raccoon eyes and and any other noticeable blemishes, followed by…

e.l.f. High Definition Powder

e.l.f cosmetics High Definition Powder dusted lightly on top to set the concealer. This stuff is pretty great at setting makeup and making it last for hours while preventing shine. It’s especially useful in humid climates and looks great on photos. Some compare it to the higher end Make Up For Ever microfinish HD Powder, which I have never tried. This one-two punch makes for a nice even tone that is not over the top in coverage where I don’t need it. Nice!

Honorable Mention: A little blush or bronzer goes a long way for that extra oomph. I’m a big fan of e.l.f.’s Body Shimmer stick from from my previous haul here. And finally and most importantly… we all know that nothing will create a lesser need for foundation like taking great care of the skin you have! Of course lots of water, restful nights, proper diet, no smoking, mild cleansing, exfoliation, moisture, and religious removal of makeup at days end will leave you with skin that can’t be purchased in a bottle.

[ I’m a big believer in breaking rules of style and fashion. Even if they’re my own lol! Even if the rest of the world hates it!! My exception to my previous rule – Sometimes makeup is just supposed to be fun!!!!!




Ka’oir Lipstick in #diordoll

“Video vixen” and entrepreneur Keyshia Dior launched her exquisite line of high quality lipsticks, glosses, and polishes in 2011 that are not exactly for the faint of heart. When my little sis so humbly Sarcastic smileasked me to purchase a couple for her for Christmas , I knew I wouldn’t be able to resist grabbing one for myself. The bright electric blue tinted #diordoll caught my eye immediately and I had to have her. A little bit of a splurge at  $17.99 for a lippie that definitely won’t see constant rotation, I treated myself to this baby to add a fun pop on New Years Eve/ my 4th anniversary. And I didn’t regret it for a minute! The color is so beautiful and not as odd looking as one may think.

Here’s a swatch on the lips…DSCN3658

And on the arm…DSCN3645

And the ones I purchased for my little sisters…



Love these!!!

Honorable Mention: Let’s talk about eyebrows. For a while there in my younger 20’s I suffered from extremely thin eyebrows from constant plucking, waxing, and shaving. I didn’t really notice how harsh it made my face look and drawing on brows just seemed so ridiculous to me. BUT I started researching the proper way to FILL IN eyebrows with pencils and powders and boy what a difference. The eyebrows are the frames of your face and can make or break your look. I prefer a healthy thick brow (think Eva Mendes) and it takes a lot of practice to pull off. Sometimes I get them perfect…sometimes not so much. But you will never catch me with a razor thin brow AGAIN! Recently I purchased the Maybelline Define a Brow in Dark Brown. It’s a retractable shelf-sharpening pencil in the style of MAC’s eyebrow pencil line. It also includes a little comb on the end to brush hairs into place and blend into a more natural look. LOVE

[ Last but not least, I have to let you in on my absolute favorite favorite favorite ally in style that will definitely be rocking with me now until there is no tomorrow…









Words cannot express my love for these places… It would take so many words that…I’ll have to save it for another post! Smile with tongue out


Hope you enjoyed!


P.S. What new styles, products, and visions for self-improvement have you incorporated for 2012??





  1. Glad you posted. I missed your blog and really enjoyed and agreed with a lot of your comments. Mainly, the love for KInky Curly Knot Today-I adore it. Haven't Done the thrift store but you are definitey not the first one who I've heard say that. I'll have to look into that one. Great post!! :)

  2. Thank you so much Sherice! I'm so glad you enjoyed it. And you definitely should go thrifting... Lots of treasures to be found for the whole family! Thanks for commenting!

  3. Check out those lips on "Wifey"... Nice post sis!! Love you much.. keep up your hard work!

  4. Hee hee hee...aren't they gorgeous =) Thank you sis. I love you too honey!!