Thursday, August 25, 2011

30 Day Style Icon Challenge: AALIYAH

How fitting for my #1 Style Icon to be on the 10th anniversary of her untimely passing. And in my humble opinion, she’s still a style visionary to this day…


When Aaliyah debuted in 1994, I was immediately intrigued by her style. The sleek hair, the dark shades and lips (it was at this moment that my fascination with super dark lipstick began lol), and tomboyish clothing that surely didn't cover up what a cutey patootey she was. Her age was a mystery, but obviously she was a teenager. And she wasn’t one of those sugar pop sickeningly sweet artists. She was down-to-earth, mature, and pretty but rough around the edges.

I could relate to this girl.

The next time she resurfaced, it was 2 years later. She had definitely grown up, oozing sexuality in her style, movements, and music but keeping that "round the way" tomboy quality that her fans came to associate her with. It was my sophomore year in high school and I too was finding a sense of sexy. Oh boy did I become obsessed with all things midriff! (And I probably still would be if I weren't post two kids. lol!)  I had her style down to a science complete with baggy pants and swoop of hair over the eye. Gosh I wish I had a photo of me doing my best impersonation.

By the time her final album came out in 2001, Aaliyah was a movie star. She began to make bolder choices with her hair, makeup, and fashion choices, introducing glamour into the mix.



Her image, her style, her music were so important to me growing up. I clung to her like we had a personal bond. And when she passed, I was at a loss. She remains an important icon defining what it means to be edgy and sweet, sexy and classy, bold and mysterious. RIP Aaliyah



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