Saturday, March 26, 2011

Week #3 - Hair Styling Technique - Braid-Out (on damp hair)

Week #3 in my technique challenge I decided to do a regular ol' braid-out. I've done this before but I wanted to tweak my method a bit. 

I did about 6 large braids (not very neatly I might add but that doesn't matter too much for this particular style) using my SheaMoisture Curl and Style Milk and Creme of Nature Argan Oil Foam Wrap Lotion. This time I tried putting rollers on the ends to protect them and add a uniform shape. I then tied a scarf around the edges so that they would "lay" a bit. As usual, I let it air dry but sitting under a hair dryer would be just fine in a pinch.

I always miss that stupid piece in the back, lol

Finished product and yes another car photo shoot :)

Why I like this technique:

  • Easy to do 
  • If you don't let it dry all the way, it won't ruin the look...just won't be as defined
  • Creates a different pattern than my regular curls
  • Creates length, more or less depending on the products used and how dry your hair is when you take the braids out 
Why I don't like this technique:
  • Maintenance for me requires re-wetting and doing the braids all over again, I'm not a big fan of that of course
  • Can look "piecey" or separated when the braids are taken out...MUST floof floof floof it out! 
And the last technique in my 4 part technique series...Twist-Out baby!!