Monday, March 21, 2011

Week #2 Hair Styling Technique - Shingles

Hello good people! Moving right along in my little "hair styling technique experiment" I posted about last week. Week #2 of my experiment was all about Shingling! I have seen this technique done many times in pics and vids on youtube and on popular natural hair product websites like Miss Jessie's and Kinky Curly.  Shingling is simply applying product with some hold to it (such as a gel, curl cream, or a combo of things) and combing through small sections of hair to create uniform, defined, and long-lasting curls throughout the entire head.

You don't necessarily have to use Miss Jessie's or Kinky Curly to achieve this style. I used my Eco-Styler clear gel on top of SheaMoisture Curl & Style Milk on small sections and brushed through using my trusty Denman Paddle Brush, scrunching a little after each comb-through. Many shinglers sit under the dryer after the whole head is complete. I prefer to air dry.

One section shingled
Shingles completed

Yes, this a photo shoot in the car :)
What I loved about this technique:
  • Simple procedure...apply product and comb through
  • Defined ringlets and frizz was definitely a non-factor 
  • The curls last and last and last with no major upkeep ( I believe I simply slept on a satin pillow case and just a little steam from my shower plumped the curl up in the morning)
  • In my opinion the curls looked way better after day one, I'm not very much into the Jheri Curl look
Shingled curls on day 3, pulled up into a high pony

What I didn't love about this technique:
  • The Jheri Curl look!! I got a lot of compliments on this style and although I like that the curls were defined with no frizz...I just felt like they were toooo defined and a little bit crunchy
  • Slighty time took about 45 minutes to get through my whole head. That may not be too bad for some... but this is coming from someone who likes a good 5 minute routine *shrug*
Up next...A regular good old-fashioned braid-out!!!


  1. Oooooo! I can't wait for our hair date! I've been wanting to try this but I have so much hair on my head it makes me uber nervous!!! Yay! Keep it coming! It looks beautiful! (Not Jheri curl-ish) lol

  2. Lol Tiana @ not Jheri curl-ish! Thank you! We're gonna need more than one date. Too many hair styles to try! lol