Thursday, November 11, 2010

Overcoming My Blogging Fears... I'm Here!!

This blogging thing can be intimidating for those who are looking from afar but don't quite know how to jump in. I've been wanting to create a blog for sooooo long but the more popular they became over the last several years, the more excuses I allowed myself for not doing it. Maybe you're interested in starting one, but just don't know how to begin, how to compete, and how to stand out. I felt that way too! But here are some of my blogging fears that I'm conquering today!!!

1. Too Much Competition!! How will my blog ever get noticed or become popular?? 
By the time I realized that ANYBODY could create a blog...EVERYBODY was doing it!! So I backed down, continuing to stalk other bloggers on the net that did not make lame excuses for themselves. They were succeeding!! (Shouts out to afrobella, accidentalbeauty, vintageortacky, clumpsofmascara, etc., etc.) The common ground that I noticed about my favorite bloggers is that they simply love what they do! Maybe their blog started as a fun pastime or as a way to spread knowledge about the things they learn. I say, just do what you love and the rest will follow. You really have nothing to lose!

2. People will say "How is he/she an authority on such and such?" 
I spend a lot of my free time gathering info on beauty and natural hair products and using limited resources to create a definite personal style. In no way do I think this makes me an "authority" on these subjects. I just love to pass on the great things that I learn and I continue to learn more all the time. Why not document it? 

3. How do I even get started? With HTMLamajiggy's and whatnots, I'm at a loss!
My favorite advice...GOOGLE IT!! The knowledge, the steps, and the resources are out there. I'm using Blogger, which is totally free and allows you to create whatever site design you want. It's so easy, I think I'll create blogs for all my interests!! 

4. I can't post all day, everyday!! I have to work/have kids/live a normal life, etc!
I think the world (starting with your friends and family) knows this. Nobody that I follow consistently posts everyday. I think the waiting for a new post is thrilling (if days don't turn into weeks without posting) and bloggers need time to get their words and images together. I know I don't and won't have time to post alllll the time, but I'll give it my best shot!! 

Please feel free to post any tips or concerns if you are a blogger or thinking of creating a blog in the comments  section. Thanks!

Thanks for joining me on my journey!
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NOW!!!! On to the fun stuff!!!