Sunday, November 28, 2010

Curlformers!!! Part 1

Curlformers are becoming super popular with women of all textures, relaxed and natural. I've heard so many great things about these contraptions online including these youtube reviews HERE , and HERE, and HERE and many many more. They are seemingly simple to use, require no heat, and dry quickly resulting in perfect bouncy curls. They have about 6 different sizes including short & narrow, short & wide, long & wide, etc. The only downfall is that they are pretty darn expensive. A pack of 6 long & wide curlformers cost $11.99! And this doesn't include the Curlformers hook ($4) which works as a tool in unison with the curlformer. They do have a Salon Kit ($59.99, including the Curlformers hook) which may save you some dollars if you can use the Long & Wide (40 pieces) and Short & Wide (6).

Given the price, I totally ignored this product at first. Until one of  my girls brought them back to my attention. My curiosity was once again piqued. Again I was hesitant. Especially considering that the Salon Kit would do me no good and I would have to purchase the packages separately to suit my needs. Lo and behold the after Thanksgiving sale arrived at Sally Beauty Supply. I could no longer resist (and Sally's has a very lenient return policy. If I try it and don't like it, I can bring it straight back to the store).

With 25% off and free shipping, I purchased 4 packs of the Extra Long & Wide and 2 packs of the Long & Wide along with a Curlformers hook. I am soooooo excited to try these babies!! I love my usual carefree look but change is good and I'm in need of one.

I'll be sure to post a Part 2 of this post detailing the setting process and of course my results!!!

If you wanna catch this sale at Sally Beauty Supply, use promo code: 555156
Expires 11/29/10 so hurry!!