Saturday, November 13, 2010

Cherry Culture Mini Haul!!!

A few days ago I got a much anticipated order from I had been itching to try a few things that I'd been eyeing over the last several weeks and when that 20% off promotional code came on Halloween weekend, I jumped on it. 

I have been super obsessed with yellow eyeshadow this year! Figures now that the summer is over, I might have found the yellow of my dreams.  Most of my quest for yellow shadow has involved chalky mess with no pigmentation whatsoever. A lot of this may have to do with them being matte and also how it looks against my skin tone. I have realized that with my tone, to avoid looking washed out I have to have a little shimmer with my yellow. 

Enter Jordana Color Effects Bright Powder Eyeshadow in Yellow. It's definitely a winner. It's SUPER pigmented with a sheen. Yet, it's not overwhelmingly shimmery. 

It's so beautiful, I'm already wearing it out. I also picked up a Pink in this same product line and it did not dissapoint at all!
Jordana Color Effects Bright Powder Eyeshadow in Pink and Yellow
Nice amount of product in these

Look how vibrant!!!

Swatched over NYX Eyeshadow Base in Skin Tone

NYX Cosmetics has been one of my absolute favorite makeup brands during the last couple of years (many future posts are going to be featuring this company). If you're a MAC girl, you'll definitely love NYX. They are famous for having excellent dupes for MAC lipsticks, shadows, and blushes. NYX is a very affordable drugstore line but with super quality products.

A couple of years back they introduced Black Label, a higher quality slighter more expensive line of cosmetics. My eyes have been on the NYX Black Label lipsticks ever since. They have about 100 gorgeous shades that are known for being super creamy and pigmented, lasting almost all day. Picking out a shade online is pretty much a stab in the dark. The color swatches often only give you a hint at what you're going to get.
NYX Black Label Lipsticks in Tribute to Marilyn and Dream of Africa

Tribute to Marilyn and Dream of Africa

I picked Tribute to Marilyn, a deep berry red, and Dream of Africa, a shimmery peachy copper. Based on some online reviews, I already had a clue as to how Trib to Marilyn would look. However, Dream of Africa was a totally random pick. When I opened up my package, tearing these puppies open, and swatching them on my hand, I must say I was a little underwhelmed. Tribute to Marilyn looked like sort of a "motherly" red and Dream of Africa looked a little frosty at first glance. I was disappointed. But I've actually been playing around with these over the last couple of days and they are definitely growing on me.

Tribute to Marilyn, Dream of African (no flash)
Tribute to Marilyn, Dream of Africa (with flash)
Tribute to Marilyn 

Dream of Africa 

Tribute to Marilyn 
Dream of Africa

I'm pretty eager to see what the other shades have to offer now!!


  1. Thanks for the info!! I will definitely try both of these brands!

  2. Let me know what shades you get!! Thanks for commenting ;-)